From Scroll to Soul: Nool’s Intervention for Genuine Human Connections

From Scroll to Soul: Nool’s Intervention for Genuine Human Connections

We live in the age of constant scrolling, where social media dominates our screens and our lives. But we must ask ourselves — at what cost?

Study after study has linked heavy social media use to feelings of depression, loneliness, and disconnection.

Why? Today’s social media focuses more on media consumption than social interaction. This means that while users may consume vast amounts of content, they’re not building meaningful connections.

In the immortal words of Little River Band, it’s time for a cool change, where we prioritise what truly matters — our mental health and human connections.

Nool is not more of the same social media sinkholes. Nool is different, although for anyone who has been waiting for a social media intervention, it will feel wonderfully familiar.

Through Nool, we are integrating the sincerity of a face-to-face conversation, via video, with the convenience of a platform on your device and the power of multilingual transcription, so that every user can speak and be understood in their native language.

The way it works is simple: you can drop into a conversation at any time, appearing on others’ devices through your own video stream, and others can drop into your conversations too.

Because you are looking at other people, not just typing away messages in a comment box, you feel the interaction, much more as you would feel the interaction in person.

The Nool experience is crafted around extensive scientific research on the unexpected benefits of human interactions, the mechanics of those interactions, and the role they play in passionate communities.

For instance, we’ve restricted each video to 42 seconds to prevent our more enthusiastic users from over-dominating the conversation, and to encourage more active listening.

Why 42 seconds? That’s the time it takes to say 6 sentences, or the average length of a paragraph.

We believe that in the very near future, when people catch on to the deep and significant difference it represents, we can reclaim the internet, as a place where people meet on genuine terms, broaden their perspectives, and talk about the things they care about most.

Entertainment, news, how your day is going, how yesterday went, what you hope for tomorrow, what you want for the rest of your life: anything and everything is fair game on Nool, where asynchronous video chat means that for the first time in a long time, your social media experience can become something you look forward to — and not one more mindless scroll.

Nool gives real people the chance to form real connections again, one video conversation thread at a time.

Psyched? Nool will be launching soon — but you can claim your username and join our community of early adopters. #JoinTheThread #BecauseWeNeedToTalk

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